The Dream to Become True

Hello, hi Yanky (my Hebrew nickname), can you talk now?, yes. I have a business proposition I don’t promise you anything but I wanna run it by you are you available at 8 or 9?. Ehm… What is this all about?. Well did you ever heard off Orrin Woodward or Chris Brady?. Nope, is this some kind of missionary group or something? Because if yes then forget my number. Nooo, no, did you ever heard of Kalmy Feldman or Moshe Duetch? Moshe no never heard of him but Kalmy I think yes, is he from Monroe?. Yeh he is, how do you know him?. I know him because I was born and raised there, and it wasn’t that big that you didn’t know anyone. Well he is coming with me at this time, can we meet, when is better for you 8 or 9?. I guess 9 is good, are you coming to my house or we meet at restaurant?, I have to confirm with my wife first. Yes, I prefer home so this way you wife can she can also get a hang of how this business works. Ehm… Ok I guess will see you at 9:30 you and Kalmy. Ok see you at 9:30, I’m good in keeping appointments, so if something comes up you will let me know yes?. Yep.

That day when I got the phone call from Yossi Witriol my old lost friend from my camp counseling days, was by far – as I have learned later that year – the best day I have ever had in my entire life, and for the better I have reentered my lost relationship with my best friend and mentor Kalmy Feldman.

That day was actually a new stepping point in my life, that I was so desperately in need, I was looking for something new, because that morning I was thinking of getting myself a new job or something, because I got a text message form my boss that we need to talk about my future in the designing industry, I was a chronically late comer, always late at my job even tho I was the best designer he ever had, but my coming late to work was a big obstacle that I couldn’t find a way to overcome, actually I wasn’t that much looking for a solution than, kidding aside, after my new relationship with Kalmy was the solution to the whole problem. By little steps at a time I started to grow as a person and to be the best entrapenuer that I came to be in the Leadership industry.

Needless to say, that all the glory goes to our father in heaven, the only one, the almighty, who cares for his children even tho you sometimes not obey or even – god forbid – defy him, he will still show you the way to greatness and prosperity. We sometimes don’t even see that his gilding us to the right path, I mean did you ever see a father with his kid playing ball on the street curb, and the ball finds his way to the other side of the road, the kids wants to run after it but the father catches him by the neck on the last second before the traffic light turns green? The child is looking at his that, like he was some alien or some monster and starts yelling and tipping, I playing here dad why did you interrupt me? I’m having a lifetime.

We all have this story happening to us many times, I would dear to say that it is happening every milliseconds of our life, when you think deep enough and believe that nothing happens without purpose, you will see it see it for yourself. I started living like that and I can say this thinking process works to tremendously perfection which only god himself can predict. We always think that we know better than god. We ask sometimes why doesn’t he answer me or why is he giving me pain when I need the exact opposite? We can go on complaining everybody for his own.

But think again on that story of the father catching his child by the neck right at the turning of the traffic light. Well he sees a bit more then the child, he is on a higher view he can see the lights turning to green way before the child, he knows that the second the light is turning a car can come flying thru the intersection. No need to expend what would have happen immediately.

God is our father and he is in a much higher viewpoint than, he is the one who creates our plans of life, yes he gives us the choices, but he also knows the future ahead and he is preventing you shouldn’t get hurt in the long run, even tho we sometimes think that he is giving us some obstacles, well it is your choice to take the short term pain in order to have the long term happiness.

Dr. David J. Schwartz writes in his book The Magic of Thinking Big. “Do this: in these moments when you’re alone with your thoughts – when you’re driving your car or eating alone – recall pleasant, positive experience. Put good thoughts in your memory bank. This boosts confidence. It gives you that “I-sure-feel-good” feeling. It helps keep your body functioning right, too.”

People are asking me. Do you realy need to learn from other sources other then you have in your own community. Isn’t it considered a sin? as the Talmud says Doomed is he who goes apart from the crowd. I always ask them back. How am I different then King David, he called his enemy Achitofel my rabbi, and what did Achitofel do for him?, he just reminded him of a biblical law that the king himself have forgotten. So by me learning some life changing principles or learning some business ethics, why is it considered breaking out of the community as King David sings in Psalms. “I have gained wisdom from all, even from the mentally disturbed”. He is saying “from all”.

And there goes the other question people are asking, if you say god will give us anyways what we need, then why do I need to ask him say pray to him, even why do I need repel from the sins? We are his creation, his chosen people, he will give it to us eitherway, right? You are hundred percent correct I reply. But one question, did you ever played basket ball without a basket? Of course not! That why it is called basket ball, then why do you ask me this questions? How is god supposed to throw in those favors you want, if he doesn’t have where to, you got build yourself a basket to receive, you can’t take anything in before you choose to receive.


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