Your Attitude is your posture

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Your posture is expressed usually thru your attitude, meaning when you believe in yourself and the ones who guides you, in those who does have already the fruits on the tree, like we say every morning, ויאמינו  בה’ ובמשה עבדו, they believed in god and his servant Moses (at the red sea when we where exiled from Egypt), why did the Torah say say they beloved in Moses wasn’t it enough to say they believed in god, obviously they believed in Moses too he is the servant of god?. I believe the Torah wants to teach us a lesson that according to he able to understand the ways of you have to believe in the one who gives you in the information, because how can believe in the man if you don’t know what he is selling, they believe in him because they knew that moshe was with god and he knows what his talking about because they saw his posture in the one and only, so they said let’s hear it and then we will do it, because they learned from moshe who had the fruits on the tree.

So they saw the posture of Moses when he gave them the Torah so they the had better attitude about the whole way of taking the Torah and asked him just give it to us and them we will sit down and learned it better.

As you go thru this you can see that the only way to build your posture and people should believe in your cause you need to have a good attitude, this goes in all aspects of life.

Ps this was send thru my phone on the train on the way to the open meeting, so pardon my spellings

Love you all, see you guys in a bit

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Why i joined Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady on Team Life


People asked me why are you listening (and reading) to other people that are not jewish, don’t you have your own Rabbis and Jewish Leaders to follow their guide?

Why not? i asked them did you ever heard of the saying “Throw your needs and trust on god, and he will provide everything”, so some will ask, why do i even need to learn and be guided by someone else and why do i need to anything in life at all, god will provide it to me anyways?. That might be true (and in the long run it is true) but did you ever play basket ball without a basket, in order to catch the ball you need to have the basket where it can fall in. So how can you ask god to throw in all your needs when you don’t have any place to put it all in, so our basic duty is to make ourselves as the right basket so god can throw in the rest.

In another note why should i listen to them at all, well why did King David call Achitofel My Rabbi, who was his sworn enemy, and he still called him my teacher, because he reminded him of a law that he the King himself have forgotten, so if King David can learn from his enemy, why shouldn’t i learn from some one who is here to help other people to succeed in life, and as far as i know the system, it has nothing to do with religion (to be honest they do have some stuff about religion, well you can put in your own religion, if you are a member you will understand better what i mean) its build in a way to do business and to have the right information and principles of life, and as far as i have been proven in my life through out the years, that if you want to have success in business, you have to be successful in life first, as i have heard from one of the speakers on the LIFE/LLR program, the story about this few businessmen that came together in a golf game and one business man cheated himself to win the game, so when it came down to business the deal they wanted to talk about went south, one of the guys said that if this guy can cheat in just a game, who said we are safe dealing with him in business, he will most definitely cheat in business one day, i think by now you all get my point.

Me on the right, my Brother Joel on the other (Orrin is in the center)

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