In a few hours the Day of Atonoment and Forgiveness begins and i’m starting now to think how the past year went by and what i did to start accomploshing my goals for this upcoming year, as the usuall i’m asking god for forgiveness.

But before i start with the excuses, i would like first to apologize to my dear friends, because as God says forgive your friend and you should be forgiven, apologize to your friend and i will forgive you too.

Was i mentioning about my excuses?.

Oh yes there are a lot of them and believe me i can come up with any excuse for any purpose you need. But since i’m in the thinking mode, i was thinking what will happen after that?, as we know the Biblical law on forgiveness that in order to be forgiven on your sins, we need first to repend on them and then you can be forgiven. so what am i doing here blabing your head with my excuses (forgive me 🙂 please). God had given me a chance again (again, again and again) to repend on my sins and to be forgiven and he is signing us all a healthy and wealthy good year.

As this being said, i will take the liberty of asking you my friend again to forgive me for what i have done that shouldn’t be done and for the things that should have done and i didn’t, give me the chance as god has given you and he shall make all your wishes come true (so start dreaming and believe in the god almighty that he will make it come true, well its all about the believe, when you really believe that you can move a mountain you truly can, you never tried so how do you know that you can’t!?).

Now my prayers is going to you my dear and my beloved father in heaven, to you the God almighty as you are siting now on the the throne of judgement and you judge us all by for what we did throughout the year, we all know what we did and we don’t have any excuses because we repend on the sins and you know the heart of the living and every creation of your world, please give us the strength to be strong against those who wants to break our spirits and do us harm. and give us all A HEALTHY, WEALTHY GOOD YEAR.

Love you all (and again forgive me…)

Jacob AKA Yankee Schwartz