Since people where asking me if they are aloud to read in the 9 days the new book from Chris Brady Italy I will try to answer as far as my rabinical knowledge let’s me.

One of the reasons why we morn on the destruction of the holy temple, is because we are asking god to make our biggest dream come true that the holy temple should be build in our days. There is a lot of stories thru our sages which I’m still confirming the truth of those storys and I will expand on that as soon as I have the right one.

The only reason why we are reading the books of team life, is to build our dream in the biggest way possible so it should come true faster, since I have said that now, I think that we are aloud to read that specific book to have the feeling and the posture for our dreams.

I hope with gods help that I throw the ball right in the park.

Yours only
Jacob Schwartz

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