There is this part in the bible where god is promising us, when we went into israel after exile from Egypt, if you will follow my rules of the torah, i will help you fight your wars, one person will be able to overcome 10, 10 will overome 100’s and 100’s will overcome 10,000’s. This is only when you will obey the rules of life the ways of the Torah(bible).

I had the opportunity to learn by one of our greatest Rabbis and Student leader in our time, Rabbi Avraham Schorr. There was one day i did something that wasn’t supposed to be done, so he wanted to show me how bad i did and to teach me a lesson, he put me down on a peace of paper a few O’s and explained to me that each sin is an O, so you got a few O’s let say like 0000000 and there is the number 1. When you come up in heaven after your 120, you are going to get juged thru what you did in life, for each sin you got a 0 and for one good deed you got the one, so put this numbers together it comes out to a seven figure digit.

So he said, Yankele (my jewish nickname) what do you think god is going to ask you? he going to ask you, you did so and so sins and in you also did a good did, that means that you can really do something good, so why didn’t you do more, i will put together all the O’s and that one and you are going to get a million whips.

Do you guys see the power of one good deed you do in life it can make you get punished so strongly for the ones you didn’t do, imagine what happens when you did a lot of good deeds, what good things god is gonna give you, so you tell me if its not worth to do good and build up your good side by god!?!?

Now lets break it down to our cause of this blog, to give you the strong aspect of and their godly cost and how much good you can do in this world, by just sharing with other people how you got to the right path and how you get to live the life you always wanted. is it in finances, family, marriage, friends or even faith, or whatever dream you wish to come true, everyone has a dream right!? (you can go on the website to see what else, or contact me :-), i will be happy to share it with you).

So now, when you go showing the plan or we call it sharing it with others, you get a no what that is 1 O and then you get a few other O on your list, but you know for yourself there is gotta be at least one 1 that is gonna say, yes so put together you O’s and the 1, you can get out a pretty big number and then that one will get another one and another one and you will get a much bigger number……

So guys lets go Power Player get in the game because the game of life never stops, hop on the boat becuase your ones and other ones are waiting for you, so when you die you can at least say that i didn’t let another fellow down and as the old biblical saying the ones who saves one life, is like saving the whole wide world. What would have happened to his later generations until you came into his life, just imagin that…. YOU JUST SAVED THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD

God bless!