There was an old woman who use to say when she got a favor, whatever you do for others you do for yourself. one day the duchess gave her something and she said her phrase whatever you do for others you do for yourself. This made the duchess very mad and she wanted to teach the old woman a lesson. So she made a good meal and put some poison in it and asked her maid to deliver it to the old lady, when the old lady got it she was very happy and she put it on the table to be able to smell and catch in the beauty of it  so it took her a good few minutes but right when she wanted to start the meal, the young duke son of  the duchess bursed into the old ladys house and demanded some food as of bieng exusted after his hunting in the woods, the old lady was very happy to give something from home and so she gave away the meal, and of course he died. She ran to the duchess crying that its not her fault, the duchess started crying and said you are right my lady whatever you do for others you do for yourself.

I believe i don’t need to expand much, when i came into the life business i was sceptic myself why do i need to do this isn’t it enough to teach myself in the good ways and why the bother for others, but then i got asked what do you have to loose of sharing with other’s they are not gonna take away what you have learned because they are going to get the same info as you did so why not share.

But after i came into the system and listening this life changing information, something struck into my mind, im teaching myself how to be a good person, and it helped me a lot in different aspects of my life which i have proof for it as they say black on white proof that it helped me a lot, is it about time management or my handling finances, well i have a whole list of what i need to improve in life, but in this 2 things it helped me instantly in some way or another. so if it helped me why shouldn’t i share it with others, as one of the cd’s i heard (if you did too remind me the name please) how dare you not to share it with others. in my words how dare i not to share, why do you think god put us down in this world, just to whine all day about other people not doing the right thing, i have such good information, so why not share it with them!

if you are going to ask me why do i need to invest money into this, if they are such good people so why dont give the info for free, isn’t that what sharing means!?. well i have a question to you too, why did your father pay so much money into your education? because he felt that this is the right thing to do and he got for you the best he can do, and in the end what happened? i feel for instance that i never finished what i started, i got married i have already a child god bless, how do i need to feed this new mouths that came into my life, i stopped learning somewhat, so came some guys and showed me there is still some potential to finish what i started and have the dreams comes true, wouldn’t you pay the worlds money to get the life that you always wanted, come on! why am i different than my father he paid a lot of money to educate me!? isnt it a better feeling of doing it yourself!?, would you say that its to much, well i used to pay for shrinks to help me in my issues and i use to pay around 90 bucks for an half hour once a week sometimes twice a week, this is like 400 -500 dollars a month. But it didn’t help that much as this few cd’s and a book that i only paid 50 dollars (after seeing it helped me, i signed up for some other mind blowing stuff, so there is a few bucks more, who cares this is worth every penny) a month, and i grow much faster. guys 50 dollars a month for life changing information that is proven a 100% common who can think of a better place to invest. but in yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got carried away (sorry im FIRED UP!) so in the long run why not sharing it with others, you can only get good out of this, so whatever we do fo others we do for ourselves, god has given to the world the best and the most secured investment plan, and its by far the best investment i ever made!

God bless you all!