I have have been listening to a lot of cd’s about showing the life plan and why we need to make it as a habit, because the whole idea is showing the plan to a lot of people like doing a house plan of 10 people, then at least 2 people are coming into the system. im only posting this to give us a jewish perspective of this godly cause and life saving information (yes we are the new Hatzala Life savers team that opened lately in our community) Orrin and Chris came up with.

i have came thru to phrase in the chapters of the forefathers (pirkei ovos first chapter) that the vital behavior of a leader that they should bring up a generation of a lot of students, so there is a discusion between the house of hilel and the house of shamai, what did the sages mean by that, Shamai said you need to teach for the kind and god fearing personal, and Hilel said teach for everybody so at least 10 will listen so 2 will at least follow your leadership. the Yalkut explains this with an example of a woman who had a lot of eggs and put the hen on it, and she said that it should rather be a lot of eggs under the hen, so this way it would at least come out a few chickens, because if you would take the not so nice ones or the smaller ones out and leave only the big nice ones, there would be a bigger chance of not getting out nothing, so the more the better, so this way she will have a few chickens left out of it. I think we dont need anymore explanation on this vital behavior of rotating the idea of showing the 15 plans a month.

As of seeing this phrase, it accure to me that what im always saying that no matter if the life system is not from our sages and leaders themselves, but as you can see that all what the Policy Council is trying to teach us is not new ideas its just a reminder of how good we are standing coming from a generation of philosphers and deep thinkers, god fearing comunitys, people that are connected straight to god himself, and they are leading us to the right path, as the it says in talmud, there is nothing new under the sun because god created it all at once we just didn’t find it yet, so we need to listen to the right people and remind our selves the purpose we came down on this world, which orrin and chris and the other policy council are doing, they are just reminding us that we are jews, so there is no need to brag from where we learn, the main thing you get the right answers again they are not teaching us new they are just reminding us to go the right path. as another saying in the talmud, as king david says i learned my wisdom from all, that even tho Achitofel was his enemy (see story in previos posts) he still learned from him, a thing that he the king himself have forgotten.

We can go in deeper and deeper in this, but i will sit here until tomorrow night, and you guys will sue me for getting fired tomorrow (well lets get financial free ASAP) so good night you all, as my new saying, GOOD NIGHT, LET THE CD’S BITE.