There is this part in the bible where god is promising us, when we went into israel after exile from Egypt, if you will follow my rules of the torah, i will help you fight your wars, one person will be able to overcome 10, 10 will overome 100’s and 100’s will overcome 10,000’s. This is only when you will obey the rules of life the ways of the Torah(bible).

I had the opportunity to learn by one of our greatest Rabbis and Student leader in our time, Rabbi Avraham Schorr. There was one day i did something that wasn’t supposed to be done, so he wanted to show me how bad i did and to teach me a lesson, he put me down on a peace of paper a few O’s and explained to me that each sin is an O, so you got a few O’s let say like 0000000 and there is the number 1. When you come up in heaven after your 120, you are going to get juged thru what you did in life, for each sin you got a 0 and for one good deed you got the one, so put this numbers together it comes out to a seven figure digit.

So he said, Yankele (my jewish nickname) what do you think god is going to ask you? he going to ask you, you did so and so sins and in you also did a good did, that means that you can really do something good, so why didn’t you do more, i will put together all the O’s and that one and you are going to get a million whips.

Do you guys see the power of one good deed you do in life it can make you get punished so strongly for the ones you didn’t do, imagine what happens when you did a lot of good deeds, what good things god is gonna give you, so you tell me if its not worth to do good and build up your good side by god!?!?

Now lets break it down to our cause of this blog, to give you the strong aspect of http://www.the-life-business.com and their godly cost and how much good you can do in this world, by just sharing with other people how you got to the right path and how you get to live the life you always wanted. is it in finances, family, marriage, friends or even faith, or whatever dream you wish to come true, everyone has a dream right!? (you can go on the website to see what else, or contact me :-), i will be happy to share it with you).

So now, when you go showing the plan or we call it sharing it with others, you get a no what that is 1 O and then you get a few other O on your list, but you know for yourself there is gotta be at least one 1 that is gonna say, yes so put together you O’s and the 1, you can get out a pretty big number and then that one will get another one and another one and you will get a much bigger number……

So guys lets go Power Player get in the game because the game of life never stops, hop on the boat becuase your ones and other ones are waiting for you, so when you die you can at least say that i didn’t let another fellow down and as the old biblical saying the ones who saves one life, is like saving the whole wide world. What would have happened to his later generations until you came into his life, just imagin that…. YOU JUST SAVED THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD

God bless!



Ludwig Von Mises Predicts Credit Crisis | Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

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What you do for others you do for yourself

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There was an old woman who use to say when she got a favor, whatever you do for others you do for yourself. one day the duchess gave her something and she said her phrase whatever you do for others you do for yourself. This made the duchess very mad and she wanted to teach the old woman a lesson. So she made a good meal and put some poison in it and asked her maid to deliver it to the old lady, when the old lady got it she was very happy and she put it on the table to be able to smell and catch in the beauty of it  so it took her a good few minutes but right when she wanted to start the meal, the young duke son of  the duchess bursed into the old ladys house and demanded some food as of bieng exusted after his hunting in the woods, the old lady was very happy to give something from home and so she gave away the meal, and of course he died. She ran to the duchess crying that its not her fault, the duchess started crying and said you are right my lady whatever you do for others you do for yourself.

I believe i don’t need to expand much, when i came into the life business i was sceptic myself why do i need to do this isn’t it enough to teach myself in the good ways and why the bother for others, but then i got asked what do you have to loose of sharing with other’s they are not gonna take away what you have learned because they are going to get the same info as you did so why not share.

But after i came into the system and listening this life changing information, something struck into my mind, im teaching myself how to be a good person, and it helped me a lot in different aspects of my life which i have proof for it as they say black on white proof that it helped me a lot, is it about time management or my handling finances, well i have a whole list of what i need to improve in life, but in this 2 things it helped me instantly in some way or another. so if it helped me why shouldn’t i share it with others, as one of the cd’s i heard (if you did too remind me the name please) how dare you not to share it with others. in my words how dare i not to share, why do you think god put us down in this world, just to whine all day about other people not doing the right thing, i have such good information, so why not share it with them!

if you are going to ask me why do i need to invest money into this, if they are such good people so why dont give the info for free, isn’t that what sharing means!?. well i have a question to you too, why did your father pay so much money into your education? because he felt that this is the right thing to do and he got for you the best he can do, and in the end what happened? i feel for instance that i never finished what i started, i got married i have already a child god bless, how do i need to feed this new mouths that came into my life, i stopped learning somewhat, so came some guys and showed me there is still some potential to finish what i started and have the dreams comes true, wouldn’t you pay the worlds money to get the life that you always wanted, come on! why am i different than my father he paid a lot of money to educate me!? isnt it a better feeling of doing it yourself!?, would you say that its to much, well i used to pay for shrinks to help me in my issues and i use to pay around 90 bucks for an half hour once a week sometimes twice a week, this is like 400 -500 dollars a month. But it didn’t help that much as this few cd’s and a book that i only paid 50 dollars (after seeing it helped me, i signed up for some other mind blowing stuff, so there is a few bucks more, who cares this is worth every penny) a month, and i grow much faster. guys 50 dollars a month for life changing information that is proven a 100% common who can think of a better place to invest. but in yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got carried away (sorry im FIRED UP!) so in the long run why not sharing it with others, you can only get good out of this, so whatever we do fo others we do for ourselves, god has given to the world the best and the most secured investment plan, and its by far the best investment i ever made!

God bless you all!

The vital behavior of showing 15 plans a month


I have have been listening to a lot of cd’s about showing the life plan and why we need to make it as a habit, because the whole idea is showing the plan to a lot of people like doing a house plan of 10 people, then at least 2 people are coming into the system. im only posting this to give us a jewish perspective of this godly cause and life saving information (yes we are the new Hatzala Life savers team that opened lately in our community) Orrin and Chris came up with.

i have came thru to phrase in the chapters of the forefathers (pirkei ovos first chapter) that the vital behavior of a leader that they should bring up a generation of a lot of students, so there is a discusion between the house of hilel and the house of shamai, what did the sages mean by that, Shamai said you need to teach for the kind and god fearing personal, and Hilel said teach for everybody so at least 10 will listen so 2 will at least follow your leadership. the Yalkut explains this with an example of a woman who had a lot of eggs and put the hen on it, and she said that it should rather be a lot of eggs under the hen, so this way it would at least come out a few chickens, because if you would take the not so nice ones or the smaller ones out and leave only the big nice ones, there would be a bigger chance of not getting out nothing, so the more the better, so this way she will have a few chickens left out of it. I think we dont need anymore explanation on this vital behavior of rotating the idea of showing the 15 plans a month.

As of seeing this phrase, it accure to me that what im always saying that no matter if the life system is not from our sages and leaders themselves, but as you can see that all what the Policy Council is trying to teach us is not new ideas its just a reminder of how good we are standing coming from a generation of philosphers and deep thinkers, god fearing comunitys, people that are connected straight to god himself, and they are leading us to the right path, as the it says in talmud, there is nothing new under the sun because god created it all at once we just didn’t find it yet, so we need to listen to the right people and remind our selves the purpose we came down on this world, which orrin and chris and the other policy council are doing, they are just reminding us that we are jews, so there is no need to brag from where we learn, the main thing you get the right answers again they are not teaching us new they are just reminding us to go the right path. as another saying in the talmud, as king david says i learned my wisdom from all, that even tho Achitofel was his enemy (see story in previos posts) he still learned from him, a thing that he the king himself have forgotten.

We can go in deeper and deeper in this, but i will sit here until tomorrow night, and you guys will sue me for getting fired tomorrow (well lets get financial free ASAP) so good night you all, as my new saying, GOOD NIGHT, LET THE CD’S BITE.


Your Attitude is your posture

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Your posture is expressed usually thru your attitude, meaning when you believe in yourself and the ones who guides you, in those who does have already the fruits on the tree, like we say every morning, ויאמינו  בה’ ובמשה עבדו, they believed in god and his servant Moses (at the red sea when we where exiled from Egypt), why did the Torah say say they beloved in Moses wasn’t it enough to say they believed in god, obviously they believed in Moses too he is the servant of god?. I believe the Torah wants to teach us a lesson that according to he able to understand the ways of you have to believe in the one who gives you in the information, because how can believe in the man if you don’t know what he is selling, they believe in him because they knew that moshe was with god and he knows what his talking about because they saw his posture in the one and only, so they said let’s hear it and then we will do it, because they learned from moshe who had the fruits on the tree.

So they saw the posture of Moses when he gave them the Torah so they the had better attitude about the whole way of taking the Torah and asked him just give it to us and them we will sit down and learned it better.

As you go thru this you can see that the only way to build your posture and people should believe in your cause you need to have a good attitude, this goes in all aspects of life.

Ps this was send thru my phone on the train on the way to the open meeting, so pardon my spellings

Love you all, see you guys in a bit

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Why i joined Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady on Team Life


People asked me why are you listening (and reading) to other people that are not jewish, don’t you have your own Rabbis and Jewish Leaders to follow their guide?

Why not? i asked them did you ever heard of the saying “Throw your needs and trust on god, and he will provide everything”, so some will ask, why do i even need to learn and be guided by someone else and why do i need to anything in life at all, god will provide it to me anyways?. That might be true (and in the long run it is true) but did you ever play basket ball without a basket, in order to catch the ball you need to have the basket where it can fall in. So how can you ask god to throw in all your needs when you don’t have any place to put it all in, so our basic duty is to make ourselves as the right basket so god can throw in the rest.

In another note why should i listen to them at all, well why did King David call Achitofel My Rabbi, who was his sworn enemy, and he still called him my teacher, because he reminded him of a law that he the King himself have forgotten, so if King David can learn from his enemy, why shouldn’t i learn from some one who is here to help other people to succeed in life, and as far as i know the system, it has nothing to do with religion (to be honest they do have some stuff about religion, well you can put in your own religion, if you are a member you will understand better what i mean) its build in a way to do business and to have the right information and principles of life, and as far as i have been proven in my life through out the years, that if you want to have success in business, you have to be successful in life first, as i have heard from one of the speakers on the LIFE/LLR program, the story about this few businessmen that came together in a golf game and one business man cheated himself to win the game, so when it came down to business the deal they wanted to talk about went south, one of the guys said that if this guy can cheat in just a game, who said we are safe dealing with him in business, he will most definitely cheat in business one day, i think by now you all get my point.

Me on the right, my Brother Joel on the other (Orrin is in the center)